Global Classrooms Conferences: this time we were really close

After some months of hard work, the delegations of students chosen to represent our high school did their best in their performance on the preliminary Conference on Global Classrooms.
The team was formed by Ana Rivero, Marta Fresno, Laura Álvarez, Candela Orea, Lucía Clemente, Juan Antonio Rodríguez, from 3º ESO C, and Jesús Manuel Martín , Irene Prado, Elena Valiente and Iratxe Valero.
In the reserve Alicia Quintero and Mario Ramos from 3º ESO C who didn’t have the opportunity to participate but worked as hard as their partners.
Their opening speeches, as well as their interaction and collaboration with the rest of delegations and countries, was superb.
Unfortunately for us, only 18 schools out of 120 move to the next conference. Even though we were not among the selected ones, our students can be really proud of their work which was recognised with a couple of diplomas on recognition of their level of involvement:
- The Most Diplomatic Delegation for Ana Rivero and Marta Fresno
- The Delegation most Likely to Ask a Point of Information for Laura Álvarez and Candela Orea
With diploma or not, we, VIllablanca School, feel proud of your work and interest in the project as well as Olivia Morgan’s, the assistant in charge and coordinator of the project. We know that next year our result can be even better.
So , students from 2º ESO,…. start to think about it because you will be the next ones to pick up the baton next year.
Paloma Cándano
Bilingual Head Coordinator

Fecha: 09/02/2019