Nuestra delegación de China clasificada en Global Classrooms

On January 14th, 10 of Villablanca’s brightest students participated in a prestigious United Nations Mock Conference, hosted by Communidad de Madrid. On the day of the conference, our students gave speeches, debated, and created resolutions alongside almost 200 of their peers. Multiple rooms in Las Acacias: Regional Center of Innovation and Training, hosted 18+ delegations, or 2 student representatives, representing a number of various countries around the world making up what we all know as the United Nations. The entire conference took place over the span of 7 days, with a total number of almost 1400 students from schools all over the region of Madrid, discussing the topic of ‘Finding Balance between Economic Growth and Resource Efficiency.’

Amazingly, two of our terrific 10 have been chosen to continue onto the next phase of the conference! Considering the amount of participants, mentioned above, this is beyond wonderful! L. G. and C. M., who represented China and won an award for ‘Most Diplomatic,’ will continue their studies and prepare to take their UN roles to the next level. The third and final phase will be in New York. We wish them the best of luck and we are so proud of all of our participants.

M. M., Auxilliar, Global Classrooms Advisor

Fecha: 23/01/2020