Villablanca students empower women globally by fundraising to provide microloans

Students in 3º ESO and 1º Bachillerato have been working hard on a fundraising project to provide microloans to women in developing countries with American Language Assistant Alexandria Zadrzynski through the non profit organization Kiva.

Students in each class were divided into three groups to participate in this project: organizers, marketing and promoters. The organizers were responsible for coordinating what materials were needed, bringing those materials to school and choosing a date to sell. The marketing team was responsible for designing and distributing flyers. The promoters were responsible for designing small cards to distribute during the day of the sale.

Each class has fundraised money by selling different things during the break time such as popcorn, candy, snacks and hot dogs.

In the class period after the sale, the students read through profiles on the Kiva website and chose different women to loan the money to. We have decided that instead of collecting the money when it is returned, we have given the organization Kiva permission to reloan our money to other women in perpetuity.

The students have raised €680 and have distributed loans to women in Albania, Colombia, Guatemala, Kenya, the Philippines, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Nigeria and Uganda.

3ºC raised the most money and won a class breakfast from Alexandria.

Fecha: 12/06/2018