What we offer at our center:

1) High School – Bilingual English education in every year.
2) Bachillerato
a) Humanities and Social Science (Arts)
b) Science and Technology

3) Vocational Training
a) Administration and Management
b) Technician in Administrative Management (day classes).
c) Higher technician in Administration and Finances (evening classes).
d) Computer Science and Communication
e) Higher technician in Administration of Computer Science Network Systems (day classes).
f) Technician in Microcomputing Systems and Networks (day & evening classes).
g) Transport and Vehicle Maintenance
h) Technician in Bodywork (day classes).
i) Electromechanic of Automobiles (day classes).
j) Sociocultural Services and the Community
k) Higher technician in Infantile Education, methods: in-person, distance learning, and a combination of in-person / distance available (day & evening classes).

4) Program for Remedial Education
5) Program for Educational Diversity
6) Program for Integration

The center also offers a wide array of programs and activities:

- After School activities
- Exchange Programs with other High Schools in Europe.
- High School Library
- Free After School activities such as Plan Ara/Proa, homework help, activities in English, and School Camps (football, basketball, and chess).