Our center follows the philosophy based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations), which emanates our understanding of education.

We base our education and teaching on the following characteristics:

1) Equal Rights for all our students.
2) The right of each and every student to partake in personal development in order to become responsible citizens in the future.
3) Raise awareness of our students through teachings that will last their whole life.
4) Academic performance and personal growth.
5) Being aware and taking into consideration the personal circumstances of each student.
6) Respecting the opinions of others: parents, students, administration, teachers, and staff.
7) Participation and involvement for the better good of the school center along with all other parts of the educational system.
8) A student-focused methodology developed based on resolving problems which helps the development of responsibility and actions of the individual person.
9) An internationally-focused based education, allowing all students, without social or economic prejudice, the opportunity to develop themselves in a global world under the European Union framework.