What we offer at the Vocational Training School:

  • Administrative Studies
  • Technician in Administrative Management.
  • Higher Technician in Administration and Finances.
  • Computer Science Studies
  • Technician in Microcomputing Systems and Networks
  • Higher Technician in Administration of Computer Science Network Systems
  • Transport and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Technician in Bodywork and Electromechanics of Automobiles.
  • Sociocultural Services and the Community
  • Higher Technician in Infantile Education, methods: in-person, distance learning, and a combination of in-person / distance available.

If you’re interested in studying at the Vocational School, the following links may be of interest:

www.todofp.es (Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport)

www.madrid.org/fp (Vocational Training in the Community of Madrid)